What is The Deva Method®?

An effective, comprehensive non-classical approach for singers that gives you an understanding of your voice and puts you in control. This method was developed from the premise that the body has a natural voice production process and if you understand and work with it, you can sing any style without hurting yourself.

With this system of voice training, you warm-up and train your vocal muscles to perform easily and well, responding to your passion and style. This frees you to give peak performances that capture the attention and hearts of your audience.

If you’ve had voice lessons previously, you may have found certain directions confusing or difficult to apply. The Deva Method provides you with the simple truth about your vocal anatomy in a way that doesn’t require a biology degree to understand. This helps you resolve any issues and confusions. Then it incorporates warm-ups as well as physical and vocal exercises that develop the muscles of your voice so you can sing without tension while you expand range, power, tone, volume, stamina, control and the confidence of an emotion-responsive voice.

The Deva Method is Natural

It is based upon similar principles athletes use to train and improve their skills. A gymnast would never think to compete without adequate training and muscle warm-up. Yet singers – who are vocal athletes – are always trying to sing without adequate preparation and warm-up. If you try to use muscles that aren’t developed for the task, you may injure them and you certainly will not achieve control and stamina.

What about Breath Support?

A good method of breath support provides the right amount of air for each pitch you sing instead of too much (which is the most common problem for singers). If you don’t have a system of breath support that works naturally to provide just the correct air for each note, you will become involved in all sorts of gimmicks to try to remedy the tension and other complexities that will arise.

Jeannie Deva researched this for a long time and discovered a natural method of breath support that prevents air over-blow and throat tension.

You actually need less air for higher notes, but most singers push out too much as they “reach” for pitches. This causes tension as their throats and larynx attempt to compensate. Ms. Deva’s method of breath support is not necessarily new but it has never before been so understandable and easy for you to do. If frees you from “breathing exercises” and provides you with a breath support that is completely automatic.